Life @ 27


‘Life @ 27’ is a refresher, a book one of its kind. This book speaks about life, challenges it throws, how opportunities can be created amidst problems, and how negativity in life can be avoided. It talks about how most of the problems in life are self invited and how to avoid them to turn life into a pleasant experience.

‘Life @ 27’ speaks about each individual’s ability to win in life; life should be embraced and not whacked. ‘Life @ 27’ – the title itself along with a striking cover page is a head turner. ‘Life @ 27’ is a menu catering to all ages; it helps to a great extent in making wonderful and long lasting relationships be it marriage, healthy associations and professional expertise. It talks about why and how words can be used as a great tool to win over life. ‘Life @ 27’ gradually grows into a great read. Any reader can relate to one’s personal experience whilst reading ‘Life @ 27’. The Index is designed in a way to prepare reader to look forward to the next chapter and be engrossed in reading.

‘Life @ 27’ is a book written in simple English diction which is easy to understand. Chapters, some long and certain chapters short give you an insight into different aspects of daily life, where one can relate and learn from it. Reader of every age will find a reliable friend in this book. A good book will never let any individual down. By the time you finish reading this book it would have definitely made name into your all time friends’ list. This book does not talk about rocket science technology rather describes simple ways on how to avoid over complicating life.

Just like how our body needs food, mind needs food too. ‘Life @ 27; is a good food for mind. On completing reading you will be confident, prepared and rearing to take on the world and conquer your dream(s). Without any qualm by the time you finish reading this book, you will be a stronger individual in all walks of life and will look forward to embrace life with open arms. This book can be gifted to parents, spouse, children, brothers, sisters, colleagues, bosses, employees and most importantly to someone who is at the very shallow end of gloom. Without any doubt ‘Life @ 27’ shall lead to brightness...

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